Bird's Nest Fern Japanese
Bird's Nest Fern Japanese

Bird's Nest Fern Japanese

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Bird’s nest fern (Asplenium nidus) gets its common name from the tightly curled new leaves that emerge from a brown rosette in the center. Supposedly the tiny, unfurled fronds resemble eggs in a bird’s nest (though we’re not sure we see the similarity, if we’re being honest). Once unfurled, the fronds are long, narrow, and oblong, with wavy edges.

No matter what shape you think the plant looks like, it undoubtedly adds a touch of lush, tropical greenery to a home. It can grow to be quite sizable at 2 to 4 feet tall and wide, making it a good choice for both floor and tabletop planters.

Bird's Nest ferns are great air purifying plants. 

These plants are are non-toxic and pet friendly.

Plant Diameter: 6"

Light: Moderate, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight and deep shade.

Water: Water thoroughly during the growing season but less so in the winter. Keep moist but do not allow to stand in water. Bird’s Nest Ferns are best watered around the plant, directly onto the soil as watering the centre of the plant may cause it to rot.

Temperature: Cool to average household temperatures between 16-21°C. Keep away from draughts.

Humidity: Does not like hot, dry conditions, prefers at least some degree of humidity. Mist regularly. Ideal for a bathroom or kitchen. Can also be grown in a terrarium to increase humidity levels.

Feed: Does not require a lot of extra feeding. Apply a weak solution occasionally during the growth season.