About us

When we were little girls, mom was always working with plants. When her friends’ kids got hitched, mom’s gift was the flowers. When we bought that house on Woodland Ridge, she hauled dirt and stones, threw up a lattice fence and cultivated a miniature garden of honeysuckle and morning glories. It was so enchanting that hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies would dance around while we ate breakfast. When I graduated from high school, my mother made a centerpiece out of jars, water lilies, and beta fish. Her gift with plants was undeniable; it came to her like breathing.

My mother’s creativity has always been sparked by the natural world. And we believe that spark lives in each one of us. Plants, rocks, moss, wood — even dirt and glass and ceramics — are all mediums for creative expression. And that’s why we created FAIT.

FAIT is a creative studio rooted in the natural world. We bring exotic plants of all shapes, sizes, varietals, and backgrounds to Louisiana, giving you access to a selection as unique as an artist’s palette. We are here as your plant whisperers and spirit guides to help you along the way — whether it’s around care or styling. We offer ideas on how to set, mount, pot, and assemble your plants in a way that reflects your unique creativity and tastes.

In French, FAIT means “s/he makes”. FAIT is about each of us getting in there, finding creativity, getting dirty, and making the natural world part of our everyday lives.

We hope to help you fall in love with your own creative nature.

Photography by Kate Byars