Ponytail Palm [Branched]
Ponytail Palm [Branched]
Ponytail Palm [Branched]

Ponytail Palm [Branched]

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Bring a touch of the desert into your living space with the Branched Ponytail Palm. These joyful little palm trees have fluffy fronds while their trucks are covered in textured bark. Their unique bulbous bases make them a FAIT favorite. Each one is different offering a little personality.

Ponytail palms are great air purifying plants.

These plants are are non-toxic and pet friendly.

Plant Diameter: Size Varies

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight. Ponytail Palms prefer to have as much as light as possible. Place them in a bright location but make sure their fronds don’t get too much sunshine every day. If you see them start to brown, move the plant back from the window. 

Water: 1x week. Keep the soil fairly dry. Water from spring through fall, allowing the top inch or two of the soil to dry out completely before re-watering. During the winter, only water every 10 days. 

To water, soak the soil and allow the excess water to drain through the bottom of the pot into a dish. Allow the pot to sit in the dish for several minutes to soak up as much water as possible. Then, dump out any remaining water in the sink. 

Fertilizer: Fertilize in the spring with a cactus or succulent fertilizer and bring into a brighter room for the summer months. 

Maintenance: During the winter, do not let the plant sit too close to the cold windows at night. It can severely damaged by freezing temperatures.