Care Guide
  • Lucky Bamboo Care

    Add a little luck and twisted design to your space with these Lucky Bamboo. These beauties come in three different sizes with a variety of designs.


  • Papaya Plant Care

    Fill your garden with fresh Papaya! These wonderful plants grow tall and skinny,  similarily to palm trees, with a crown of deeply lobbed leaves. A papaya tree begins bearing fruit as early as seven months after planting. Far from dying after its first fruit set, the tree instead continues producing fruit all year. In the space of 12 months, a single tree yields as much as 80 pounds of fruit.

  • Peperomia Care

    The name peperomia may not roll off the tongue, but you could get lost in this wonderful genus of tropical plants: there are more than 1,000 known species, all with thick, fleshy leaves that contribute to their drought tolerance and vigor. If you haven't experienced much luck with flowering houseplants, you will appreciate that the peperomia sports foliage that is highly ornamental in its own right. 
  • Pothos Care

    One of the easiest indoor plants to grow. The trailing stems can be trained to grow up a trellis or planted in a hanging basket.
  • Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Care

    Raphidophora tetrasperma is a fast-growing vining plant, sought after for its unique fenestrated leaves. Sometimes called “Dwarf Monstera” or “Monstera Ginny” due to its resemblance to Monstera deliciosa, the leaves of Raphidophora tetrasperma are similarly split with “windows,” but stay quite small. This plant is easy to care for and loves to climb up a moss pole. It's easy to propagate from stem tip cuttings and thrives in bright indirect light.

  • Stromanthe Triostar Care

    Stromanthe is a strikingly beautiful houseplant that never fails to catch the eye. It has an exotic look with its dark green leaves that are delightfully variegated with streaks of pink and cream. As if that's not enough, the backsides of the leaves are a lovely shade of pinkish-purple.
  • Ficus Elastica Melany Care

    Ficus Elastica Melany (Rubber Plants) are quintessential houseplants, popular for decades and quite rightly still on trend today. They are easy to care for and make a sculptural statement in the right location. Ficus elastica Melany’s luscious foliage is a deep, glossy green with a glamorous hint of burgundy. 
  • Foxtail Fern Care

    Foxtail ferns are not really ferns, as they’re multiplied from seeds and produce no spores. The common name likely came from the clumping habit of the plant that is similar to that of a fern. 

  • Aglaomena Anyamanee Care

    Trek deep in the tropical jungles of Asia (especially Southeast Asia) and you’ll find a delightful plant called Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema). You probably wouldn’t think these rainforest inhabitants would be some of the toughest, most reliable, easiest houseplants around, but they really are.
  • Asparagus Fern Care

    Ming Asparagus Fern, pom pom asparagus fern and zig-zag shrub, is a shrubby herbaceous evergreen perennial that typically grows to 6-8’ tall. It is native to the arid regions of South Africa.
  • Bamboo Palm Care

    As their name implies, Bamboo Palms [Seifrizii] form tall, slender trunks that often resemble bamboo, thanks to the rings around their trunks. Many species of bamboo palms also form suckering colonies of plants, giving them a grove-like effect. 

  • Bismarck Palm Care

    The exquisite silver bismarck palm is one of the most stunning and desired large palm trees in South Florida.