Succulent Care

Succulents come in all shapes and sizes. These wonderful arid plants add a pop of color to any home and are easily maintained. They are commonly known to be easy to care for, however, many of our customers find them difficult to keep alive. Below are some of our favorite tips and tricks to keeping your succulents happy and healthy.


Light: Bright light. Succulents love the direct sun, but if yours is sitting in the same exact spot day after day, it's likely that only one side is getting enough light. Succulents will lean towards the sun, so rotating them will help them stand up straight. (Leaning may also be a sign that they need to be in a sunnier spot.)

Watering: 1x week. Water the soil directly. Do not get water between the leaves or it will rot from the inside. When you water your succulents, soak the soil until water runs out of the drainage holes. (If your container doesn’t have drainage holes, use less water.) 

Fertilizer: Succulents don’t need much fertilizer, but you can give them light feedings during the spring and summer growing season. Be careful not to over-fertilize—this can cause your succulent to grow too quickly and become weak.