Papaya Plant Care

Fill your garden with fresh Papaya! These wonderful plants grow tall and skinny,  similarily to palm trees, with a crown of deeply lobbed leaves. 

A papaya tree begins bearing fruit as early as seven months after planting. Far from dying after its first fruit set, the tree instead continues producing fruit all year. In the space of 12 months, a single tree yields as much as 80 pounds of fruit.

Below are some tips and tricks to best care for your Papaya Plant! 


Light: Full sun, or as bright as you can provide. Papayas are also a great patio plant for summer climates and will grow very fast.

Water: Prodigiously. As the plant grows, expect to water daily.

Temperature: On the warm side (up to 80 F). If you keep the plant during winter, try to keep the temperature as warm as possible, with high ambient humidity.

Soil: A loose, well-drained, very rich potting mix.

Fertilizer: Fertilize abundantly. Papayas are very rapidly growing herbaceous plants that consume fertilizer.