Maranta (Prayer Plant) Care

The maranta is a close relative to the Calathea and with its boldly patterned foliage and tendency to fold its leaves every night, it's easy to see why!

Below are some tips and tricks to best care for your Maranta (Prayer Plant)! 


Light: Bright, indirect light. These babies thrive in a well-lit room where they are not exposed directly to the sun’s rays.

Water: Diluted water every 3-4 days. These tropical plants like to stay moist but do not want to soak. Therefore, we recommend checking that the top soil is dry every 3-4 days. When watering, add one cup of water to the plant and let it drain completely so it does not sit in water.

Misting: Frequent. These tropical plants enjoy humidity. You can mist them as often as you like to offer a more humid environment.

Fertilizer: Once a month. Add 1:1:1 fertilizer to the water once a month to give a boost of nutrients.