Kangaroo Paw Fern Care

Known for its glossy green leaves, which can grow up to 6” inches and often have different shapes, kangaroo paw fern is an evergreen plant with semi-wiry stems. Its leathery fronds are unique and atypical of fern species – they can either be smooth or have indentations on the edges. The plant also got its common name due to its long leaves, with reference to the long feet of kangaroo.

These fast-growing plants make a perfect houseplant that will grow up to 6” to 12” in height. They can also spread up to 4’ in width in maturity.

Below are some tips and tricks to best care for your Kangaroo Paw Fern! 


Light: Bright, indirect sunlight. Yellow or bleached-looking fronds may be a result of too much sunlight. Provide shade. 

Water: Water kangaroo fern deeply once every week throughout the year, providing enough water to soak the roots. Between deep waterings, water lightly every day if needed to keep the soil evenly moist. Don't sprinkle the foliage. Instead, use a drip irrigation system or allow a garden hose to trickle at the base of the plant.

Fertilizer: Apply a product containing chelated iron if the fronds take on a yellow or bleached appearance, which indicates an iron deficiency. Iron chelate is available in both dry form, applied to the soil, and spray form, applied directly to the leaves. Iron-deficient foliage usually turns green within a month after application, and doesn't require re-application for several months.