Golden Bush Ginger Care

Clusters of long-lasting golden yellow flowers with red-orange bases are held atop sturdy reddish-purple stems that are adorned with rounded, rich green glossy foliage. The Golden Brush Ginger is sure to add a tropical feel to any indoor space or the porch or patio. Its dense and compact, evergreen habit and floriferous nature make it a perfect choice for containers.

Below are some tips and tricks to best care for your Golden Bush Ginger! 


Light: These lovely plants need bright, indirect sunlight in a cool space. Try placing them a couple feet from a bright window away from the rays of the sun.

Water: Diluted water every 5 days. These tropical plants like to dry out a bit before taking new water. Therefore, we recommend checking that the top soil is dry before watering again. When watering, add water to the plant and let it drain completely so it does not sit in water.