Fabian Aralia Stump Care

Most interiorscapers experienced with Aralia plants would agree that many of the cultivars and species are truly superior interiorscape plants with phenomenal “staying power” on the job. 

For those into feng shui, one plant known to bring the flow of love energy and calmness is Fabian Aralia stump plant or the Plum Aralia. This shrubby tree plant has leaves with maroon to almost purplish undersides.

Each shiny green leaf is medium to large in size. A closer look at each round leaf will show deep veination throughout the foliage. Fabian Aralia stumps produce flowers when grown in the wild but it rarely blooms when cultivated.

Grown as an upright columnar plant making a great houseplant. It looks great as a container plant and will make a great housewarming gift.


Light: An indoor Fabian aralia stump grows best in a warm and sunny location near a window. The best place in your home to place the plant is near a south, east or west window that provides about one-half day of sunshine directly on the plant. Other options include a heated sunroom or greenhouse that is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower temperatures can cause leaf drop and defoliate the plant.

Watering: A potted Fabian aralia stump has a small number of roots. That means it needs minimal watering to maintain good growth habits and health. Water your potted plant by pouring room-temperature water on all of its soil surfaces when the container's top one-half of soil is dry. Use enough water so it runs from the pot's bottom drain holes, and never place a saucer underneath the pot. Excess water causes leaf drop. An option is to remove some soil from the top of the container to see where the roots are for reference and then return the removed soil and pack it down in the container.