Ctenanthe Setosa Care

The Ctenanthe setosa is an evergreen perennial, native to Central and South America (primarily Brazil) and these species are commonly called Siler Star or Grey Star. The Silver has elongated, rectangular shaped greyish leaves with a striking striped pattern on the top side of the leaf and a beautiful purple on the underside. 

Below are some tips and tricks to best care for your Ctenanthe setosa! 


Light: Bright, diffused light. With excessive light, the leaves twist, their color fades. 

Water: Soil must be constantly moist, in summer it should be watered every 4 days. Use warm soft water. With insufficient watering, the leaves begin to twist and dry up. In winter, watering is limited to 1 time per week, when the leaves begin to form, the soil must dry between two waterings. You can not allow water to stagnate in the pot and water on the leaves, which can form spots.

Fertilizer: During the growing season, every 15-20 days with a liquid fertilizer, diluted twice. 

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