Agave Care

Agave is a slow-growing evergreen succulent which produces elegant rosettes of blue-green, chalky leaves with finely toothed margins adorned with a golden and red ribbon. A striking beauty which is particularly stunning when backlit by the sun with its glowing red and golden margin.

Below are some tips and tricks to best care for your Agave! 


Light: Bright sunlight. Agave prefer to have as much as light as possible. Place them in a bright location but make sure their fronds don’t get too much sunshine every day. If you see them start to brown, move the plant back from the window. 

Water: 1x week. Keep the soil fairly dry. Water from spring through fall, allowing the top inch or two of the soil to dry out completely before re-watering. During the winter, only water every 10 days. 

Agave can be toxic to pets.