Adonidia Palm Care

The Adonidia Palm - often called "Christmas Palm" - is a showy, highly ornamental palm that works beautifully in small landscape areas. It looks like a miniature royal palm, with its green crown shaft, gray trunk, and long full fronds. The Adonidia is easy to care for since it's self-cleaning, meaning the spent fronds just fall off by themselves, a big low-maintenance plus. Also, Adonidia are pretty much pest-free.

These beautiful palms make good focal points in small tropical gardens and, when taller and more mature, they can become an elegant statement palm. Adonidia Palms are great air purifying plants. These plants are are non-toxic and pet friendly.

Below are some tips and tricks to best care for your Adonidia Palm! 


Light: Bright, direct light

Water: These massive trees need a lot of water. For the best results, water every other day until the plant is established.

*NOTE: This tree is not frost tolerant. In case of a freeze, this tree must be covered.*

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